NFTs and Cryptocurrency: Recent Developments and Legal Issues You Should Be Aware Of

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Cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), digital assets hosted on a blockchain, have become a multi-billion-dollar phenomenon — gaining popularity across multiple domains. However, these have raised a host of novel regulatory and legal concerns involving security regulations, intellectual property rights, and criminal considerations relating to insider trading, fraud, and money laundering.

Hence, investors, high-tech companies, and other businesses looking to capitalize on this fast-growing market must keep abreast of the critical legal issues and developments associated with digital assets. One of the speakers will be Malgorzata (“Gosia”) Kulczycka from Hickman Becker Bingham Ledesma LLP.


Malgorzata A. Kulczycka, Ph.D.

Dr. Kulczycka is a partner at Hickman Becker Bingham Ledesma LLP. Her practice focuses on client counseling and strategic patent prosecution in the areas of computer networks, Internet-related technologies, artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer software, telecommunications, computer graphics, and electronics. Her computer network and software experiences include virtual machines, communications servers and routers, load balancing, high availability network mechanisms, VPN, dynamic DNS-based security systems, real-time distributed data compliance brokers, and cloud-based storage systems. Dr. Kulczycka has published many articles and presented several webinars on a variety of IP-related topics for the IP-community including the AIPLA organization, software companies, and startups.

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