AIPLA CLE Webinar: Your Competitor Got A Patent - Now What? Can you Invalidate it in Europe and the US?

The webinar is a fourth part of a five-part-series designed to provide a comprehensive review of various aspects of the US and EP patent prosecution - from patent eligibility issues, via examination and appeal, to post-grant reviews and litigation. The corresponding laws are explained and illustrated using practical examples pointing to the hurdles that the prosecutors in each of the jurisdictions struggle to overcome.
The fourth part is about ways to challenge validity of granted patents. A grant of a patent can bring contentment or fear. The type of feeling depends on the perspective. If a patentee received a patent (or is about to receive a patent), then the competitors may fear that the patentee could bring infringement suits against them. Hence, the competitors may wonder whether the patent can be invalidated and if so, how this can be done. A wide variety of options in the US and Europe include Post Grant Proceedings, Oppositions, Nullity Suits, Reissue proceedings, and Limitation Procedures. However, choosing the particular option under the specific circumstances is not easy. This webinar provides guidance in choosing the most suitable option.
Presented by: Malgorzata Kulczycka of Hickman Palermo Becker and Bingham LLP and Eric-Michael Dokter of VJP mbB, Germany, and VJP LLP