AIPLA CLE Webinar: Comparison of Patent Prosecution Processes in the US and Europe - Clarity, Support and Amendments

There are many differences between patent prosecution practice before the USPTO and patent prosecution practice before the EPO. In many situations, the differences may be significant and thus may impact the patent application drafting and prosecution processes in the jurisdictions. The differences and the reasons for the differences are often dynamic and can change rapidly. Some of the differences are rooted in the dynamically changing patent law, others are rooted in the different patent prosecution standards.

This webinar provides a review of some of the differences between practice before the USPTO and before the EPO. It also attempts to provide some guidance to patent prosecutors to help them avoid some prosecution pitfalls in both jurisdictions.

In our Part 1 of 3 webinar, we discussed the differences in the US and the EP patent eligibility standards. In this second part, we discuss the differences in determining claim definiteness, enablement and admissibility. In our upcoming final part, we will discuss the differences in addressing anticipating rejections, obviousness-based rejections, and certain procedural differences in, for example, appeal proceedings and oral proceedings.

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