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Celebrities and Creative Geniuses Rejoice – NFTs Part I

Non-fungible tokens, or “NFTs” are taking the digital world by storm. Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, recently sold an autographed tweet associated with an NFT for $2.9 million. Super Bowl champion Tom Brady just announced the launch of the…
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AIPLA CLE Webinar: Your Competitor Got A Patent - Now What? Can you Invalidate it in Europe and the US?

The webinar is a fourth part of a five-part-series designed to provide a comprehensive review of various aspects of the US and EP patent prosecution – from patent eligibility issues, via examination and appeal, to post-grant reviews and litigat…
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Is Filing a Provisional Patent Application a Quick and Easy Way to Get a Patent?

If you are new to the patent world, you may have heard of provisional patent applications but are not sure how they are different from regular (non-provisional) patent applications. We provide some clarifications below to help you understand what a p…
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Patentability Of General AI: Is China Moving Away From Europe and Toward The United States?

Patenting an artificial intelligence (AI) invention can be a challenge that depends greatly on jurisdiction and the category of AI to which the invention belongs. Important jurisdictions for patent protection include Europe and China, and, of course,…
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Did You Know That Blockchains Can Help You, Too?

Blockchain technology has been popular in the news over the last few months. Surging popularity and prices of blockchain-based cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, have been leading financial headlines across the globe. Over the last few years, cryptoc…
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More Covid-19 Relief Is Now Available Regarding Perfecting Foreign Priority Claims

Almost a year since the COVID-19 outbreak, the pandemic continues to disrupt business operations, including operations at intellectual property (IP) offices around the world. For example, some foreign IP offices are not issuing paper-certified copies…
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AIPLA CLE Webinar: Novelties About Novelty and Obviousness Even for Experienced Patent Prosecutors

This webinar is part three of a five part series that draws a metaphoric bow from patent eligibility via examination and appeal, to post-grant proceedings and litigation. The articles and rules of the respective laws lead to practical examples and st…
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New USPTO Pilot Program to Expedite Appeals

Do you need an expedited decision on an appeal of an examiner decision? Appeals to the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) are usually taken up for decision in the order in which they are docketed, with an average appeal time taking about fifteen (1…
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Developing a Global Patent Portfolio

New Matter - The Official Publication of the Intellectual Property Section of the California State Bar, volume 45, number 3, pages 5-10, 2020
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AIPLA CLE Webinar: Comparison of Patent Prosecution Processes in the US and Europe - Clarity, Support and Amendments

There are many differences between patent prosecution practice before the USPTO and patent prosecution practice before the EPO. In many situations, the differences may be significant and thus may impact the patent application drafting and prosecution…
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