AIPLA CLE Webinar: Novelties About Novelty and Obviousness Even for Experienced Patent Prosecutors

This webinar is part three of a five part series that draws a metaphoric bow from patent eligibility via examination and appeal, to post-grant proceedings and litigation. The articles and rules of the respective laws lead to practical examples and stories illustrating the hurdles a prosecutor in each jurisdiction has to overcome. The speakers have over 50 years of combined experience and will present the latest developments designed to keep even the most experienced practitioners on their toes. The speakers will also share their experiences and provide concrete examples for attendees.
Part 1 of the series deals with patent eligibility and Part 2 shows the intensively discussed fields of enablement and clarity. Our present Part 3 of the series will take you into the core of patent prosecution: novelty, obviousness and costs. Part 4 will cover the issues of post grant proceedings and re-examinations. We will close our series with Part 5 dedicated to various litigation aspects.
Presented by: Malgorzata Kulczycka of Hickman Palermo Becker and Bingham LLP and Eric-Michael Dokter of VJP mbB, Germany, and VJP LLP